Rep. Wilhour Talks with Students at Full Armor Christian Academy in Olney

State Rep. Blaine Wilhour (110th District) meets with the Junior High student at Full Armor Christian Academy in Olney on Nov. 28, 2023 to talk about the Illinois General Assembly and state government.

State Representative Blaine Wilhour (R-Beecher City) spoke with students at the Full Armor Christian Academy located in Olney earlier this week. As part of their “Constitution” education, Rep. Wilhour spoke about the Illinois General Assembly and his position in the House of Representatives.

Junior High Teacher Megan Lenear introduces Rep. Blaine Wilhour to the Full Armor Junior High students who are studying the Constitution and the different levels of government in Illinois.

“It is important for young people to hear from actual elected officials to help compliment what they are learning from their teachers and textbooks,” commented Rep. Wilhour, who is serving his third term in the Illinois House. “Young people are going to be the next generation of leaders and a robust civics education curriculum is key for them to understand their rights and obligations to participate in the American system and preserve our great Republic.”

In addition to discussing why he ran for public office to help change the culture of corruption in Illinois and bring accountability to the tax dollars being spent, Rep. Wilhour spoke about the legislative process and the different committees which he currently serves. Committee assignments change every two years when the General Assembly changes.

Junior High teacher Bekah Pierre and Full Armor students listen to Rep. Blaine Wilhour talk about why he ran for office and what is involved with serving in the Illinois House of Representatives.

Some of the House Committees Rep. Wilhour currently serves on include the Appropriations – Elementary & Secondary Education Committee where he is the ranking Republican Spokesperson, the Ethics & Elections Committee, the Labor & Commerce Committee, the Personnel & Pensions Committee, and the Small Business – Tech Innovation Committee where he is also the Republican Spokesperson.

Students are encouraged to become involved with the state government process by following proceedings of the General Assembly and tracking legislation online at and receiving legislative updates through a free electronic newsletter by registering at the web page. Students who want to learn more about the Illinois General Assembly may inquire about the Page-for-a-Day program by contacting the Springfield office at 217-782-0066.

State Rep. Blaine Wilhour shows on a map of Illinois what the 110th District includes
and explains how the legislature operates in Illinois.
Rep. Blaine Wilhour takes a “selfie” with the students at Full Armor Christian Academy in Olney.