Rep. Wilhour Announces Several House Committee Assignments

110th District State Rep. will serve as House Republican Ranking Member on Two Key Committees

BEECHER CITY – 110th District State Rep. Blaine Wilhour (R-Beecher City) has received appointments to multiple key Illinois House Committees for the newly seated 103rd General Assembly. Wilhour’s announcement is highlighted by his appointment to serve as the Republican Ranking Member on two key committees.

“I am proud to announce my appointment to serve as the House GOP Spokesman and Ranking Member of the Illinois House Elementary and Secondary Education Appropriations Committee, and the House Elementary and Secondary Education School Curriculum and Policies Committee,” Wilhour said. “The State of Illinois spends enormous sums of money on public education. Taxpayers will benefit from having a strong voice for conservative governance to help keep spending in check. I have a strong record as a fiscal conservative, but I will be fighting to ensure that state education funding is distributed in a fair and efficient manner. As a strong supporter of local control I will stand against irresponsible attempts by Democrats to implement critical race theory and inappropriate sexual education into the curriculum for our students,” Wilhour said.

“As a small business owner, I am excited to serve as the GOP spokesman on the House Small Business, Tech Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Committee,” Wilhour said. “The State of Illinois does a lot of negative things that drive employers out of our state to friendlier environments and we lag behind other Midwest states in attracting new investment. That can change, but we have to be willing to innovate and adapt our policies to be a job creating state. That will be my focus as the ranking member on this committee.”

Wilhour also received appointments to the House’s Energy and Environment, Labor & Commerce, Personnel & Pensions Committees.

“From failed energy policies that have caused our electric bills to spike out of control, to policies that pass massive costs along to employers and taxpayers, the State of Illinois has a lot of major problems,” Wilhour said. “I plan to highlight the problems caused by irresponsible policy and work to correct the wrongs that have happened to our citizens and taxpayers through the years on these key committees. It’s time to get to work!”