Rep. Wilhour Returns Nearly $60,000 to the State: Total Savings to Date Tops $107,000

Following through on his commitment to fiscal responsibility, State Representative Blaine Wilhour (R-Beecher City) is returning $59,950.59 of his State Legislative allotment back to the state for the Fiscal Year that ended on June 30th.

State Representatives are allotted funds each Fiscal Year to cover rent, utilities, postage, staff salaries, phone, and internet services. State taxpayer funds can also be used for office supplies, informational brochures, as well as materials and advertising for official state activities such as town hall meetings and traveling office hours around the district.

“I often talk about the need for the state to tighten its belt and to reduce spending.” Wilhour said. “I believe if I am going to have any credibility on financial responsibility I need to lead by example. Instead of spending money my office did not need this past Fiscal Year, we sent it back. If we took this approach with every agency and every department, we could go a long way toward solving the state’s budget problems.”

The total amount returned to the General Fund during the last three and a half years is $107,086.90. That includes $11,446.10 (FY 21); $29,825.57 (FY20); and $5,864.64 (FY 19).