Rep. Wilhour Reminds Residents that IL State Police Applications are Due June 1st

The Illinois State Police is now offering a Lateral Entry Training Program!

In this new Lateral Entry Training Program, Cadets will NOT have to relocate upon graduation and District assignments.  Cadets will still report to the Illinois State Police Academy for the first three weeks of the Cadet Class, receiving an introduction into Illinois State Police Cadet life.  Cadets will then return home, where they will report to a regional location daily for continued instruction, returning to their residence at the end of the day. Cadets will return to the Academy during specific phases of their training, such as Emergency Vehicle Operations Course, however, they will not be required to attend the Academy for more than three weeks in a row (home for the weekends) and for no more than 5-6 weeks total throughout the entirety of the Cadet Class.

To be eligible for the Lateral Entry Training Program, an applicant must still meet the requirements for pre-employment as well as the Fast Track Program.

Applicants will still be required to go through the entire Merit Board and Illinois State Police hiring process, however, they will streamline the Illinois State Police Academy training process.

If you have questions please contact

Apply today at  There is still time to apply for our October class but don’t wait, the application deadline is June 1!