VIDEO: Rep. Wilhour & House Colleagues Hold ‘Roundtable’ Discussion on IDES Loan Payback

IL House 'Representatives Roundtable' Discussion on the IDES Loan Debt and the responsible solutions to pay it back. Pictured (l-r) are: Reps. Blaine Wilhour (107th District), Chris Miller (110th Dist.), Brad Halbrook (102nd Dist.), Dan Caulkins (101st Dist.), and Martin McLaughlin (52nd Dist.)

This week at the Capitol, some of my colleagues and I held our first ‘Representatives Roundtable’ Discussion on the $4.5 BILLION loan debt to the federal government that needs to be paid back, with interest mounting ($39 million and growing). The Governor and the majority Democrats could have paid it back with the ARPA ($8.1 BILLION) and/or CARES money because the Covid shutdowns caused the huge surge in Unemployment benefits demands. But they haven’t!

We still have an opportunity to do the responsible thing, but will the Governor and the Democrats show any common sense and do the right thing just this once?

Watch and listen to our discussion here: