Rep. Wilhour Calls Out Governor Pritzker on his Big Lie to Voters: “I will pledge to veto…”

Photo Credit: Justin L. Fowler, The State Journal Register, AP/Pool

State Representatives Blaine Wilhour (R-Beecher City) made this statement this afternoon after learning that the governor signed into law the proposed gerrymandered partisan legislative maps:

“Governor JB Pritzker lied in 2018 when he wanted to pretend he was an outsider and independent from the good old boy political machine. The same broken corrupt system is still alive and well in Illinois. There is no new day. No transparency…No respect for the taxpayers and citizens of our state.  In spite of these gerrymandered maps that only serve to consolidate the power of the Permanent Political Class, I plan to continue my fight in Springfield for the hard-working folks in Southern Illinois.”