Rep. Wilhour Refuses to Vote for Another Bad Budget Dropped Minutes before Midnight with Tax Increases; Pay Raises & Pork

Rep. Blaine Wilhour on the House Floor May 31, 2021.

State Representatives Blaine Wilhour (R-Beecher City) once again voted against an unrealistic, last-minute state budget filled with pork project money for Democrat districts and allowed for the automatic pay raise for legislators.

“The same heavy handed tactics that have been used for decades to sneak unpopular legislation through in the dark of night is still the order of the day in Springfield,” said Rep. Blaine Wilhour. “Michael Madigan may not technically be the Speaker of the House any longer, but his playbook is still being used to consolidate political power with partisan maps, tax increases, and legislator pay raises!”

Rep. Wilhour pointed out that even with the infusion of more than $8.1 billion in federal COVID-19 relief dollars to Illinois, no more money was added to the unemployment funds for the people of Illinois who are not working because of the coronavirus executive orders to shut down businesses for more than a year in many cases.

“Bad proposal after bad proposal was pushed through that will continue to see families and businesses leave Illinois,” added Rep. Wilhour. “The Democrats have built their political empire on the backs of working people and bad business policies for many years and will not even propose real reforms to fight corruption in this state. We saw just this week yet another Madigan associate indicted in connection to the Commonwealth Edison bribery scheme. There needs to be bold reforms to fight the systemic corruption in Illinois!”