Rep. Wilhour Helps Victims of Identity Theft of PUA Overpayment Waivers at IDES

Overpayment Waiver Request Announcement – IDES (

The federal Continued Assistance Act, signed into law on December 27, 2020, provides states the ability to waive recovery of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) overpayments in the event the overpayments were established through no fault of the claimant; and the recovery of the overpayment would be against “equity and good conscience.”

If an overpayment was established on your PUA claim, you will receive a Request for Waiver of Recovery of PUA Overpayment Questionnaire by email or mail, depending on your PUA correspondence preference. To be considered for a waiver, you must complete and return the questionnaire in full by providing clear, detailed responses to each question.

Approval of the waiver will be based on the information you provide on the questionnaire. If additional information is needed to make a determination, you will be contacted by an IDES representative.

If your waiver request is approved, any overpayment of benefits prior to the effective date of the approval will be removed from your overpayment balance and you will be paid back any monies that you repaid or that were recouped from benefits.

If your waiver request is denied, you will have the right to appeal the determination.

We appreciate your participation and patience as we work through the approval and repayment steps.