UPDATE: 64 cases of COVID-19 in Illinois; No Deaths

Common Sense Will Help Curb the Spread to Vulnerable Groups Like Pregnant Women, Seniors, & Those with Compromised Immune Systems

State Rep. Blaine Wilhour (R-Beecher City) is reminding residents to continue to use common sense to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, commonly referred to as COVID-19.

“The governor and top Illinois health officials just finished their daily briefing on the coronavirus and announced that there are sixty-four confirmed COVID-19 cases in Illinois,” said Rep. Wilhour. “Included in that total are those cases where people are now recovered from the infection. The eighteen new cases include one in each of the following new counties: Cumberland, DuPage, St. Clair, and Woodford Counties.”

Here are some important things to remember:

· Most people who contract this virus will likely need little to no medical treatment.

o If you believe you are at risk for this, please call ahead to your medical provider. Don’t just walk in and put others at unnecessary risk unless your situation is dire.
o The vast majority of people will not need to be tested-talk with your medical provider to see if you are at risk.

· The primary reason that the state is shutting down events and discouraging large groups is to make sure that the medical system is not overrun all at once.

· The lasting health effects to healthy, non-elderly people are low. That does not mean that healthy people do not need to take the same precautions because they can carry the virus and transmit it to more vulnerable people.

· People over 60 and people with a history of heart or lung disease, diabetes or a weak immune system, and pregnant women should avoid close gatherings and avoid proximity to sick people. They should stay home in the short term as we evaluate the situation on the ground.

· Wash your hands often
· Don’t touch your face
· If you are sick, stay home
· Use common sense in your interactions

· This is serious but manageable. Do not panic.

“This virus is out there,” added Rep. Wilhour. “As testing ramps up dramatically, we will most likely see the total number of cases ramp up as well. This is expected and is not a reason to panic…continue to use common sense in your interactions.”