Rep. Wilhour Fights the Graduated Tax Plan & Votes NO on Constitutional Amendment to Increase Taxes and Kill Jobs

Rep. Blaine Wilhour Defends southern Illinois and fights for taxpayers

State Representative Blaine Wilhour stood with the Illinois taxpayers today and voted NO to change the flat tax system to a graduated tax plan. The graduated income tax proposal being rammed through today by the Democrats will raise taxes on Illinois families and businesses by at least $3.4 billion.

Rep. Blaine Wilhour (107th Dist.) Fights for Taxpayers and Opposed Gov’s Tax Plan

“The Constitutional Amendments we should be debating are ones to reform our pensions, workers compensation, term limits and fair legislative maps,” commented Rep. Blaine Wilhour. “These are the same Democrats who raised taxes twice (2011 and 2017), yet failed to ever pass a truly balanced budget.”

There are no provisions in place to prevent future rates from being raised. It will now be easier for Democrats to raise the rates under their plan, as they’ve put forth in this proposal.

“Illinois residents are already paying the highest combined state and local taxes in the nation in addition to some of the highest property tax rates in the nation,” added Rep. Wilhour. “The current constitution provides safeguards and protections for middle-income families that we desperately need to keep in Illinois. We need to grow our economy and create more taxpayers, not increase taxes.”