Rep. Wilhour Speaks to IL House: Raising Taxes is NOT the Answer!

With just fourteen days left in the legislative session, Rep. Blaine Wilhour rose to address his colleagues in the Illinois House concerning taxes in the state. His comments follow:

I think it is important to note that our additional revenues are a direct result of national policies that have lowered taxes and lowered the excessive regulatory burden on job creators.

The national economy has clearly responded. More people are working, jobs are being created and wages are rising.

A vibrant, growing economy means more revenue for the state without raising taxes.  

This is good news. But Illinois should be doing far better. 

As we look to states around us, it is clear that we are simply not competing.  Our states Employment rate ranks 41st in the nation. 

I think we would all agree that in a state that has the natural assets that we do, this is unacceptable. 

My district has several communities like Effingham, Vandalia, Greenville, Salem & Centralia that have access to roads, rails and a proud history of manufacturing, agriculture and industry. 

Industry in our part of the state is in trouble.  And It is not because we don’t have the natural assets and the workforce to support it.  It’s in trouble because of poor policy that is adversarial to job creation. 

These communities have worked very hard to attract good businesses to come in and plant their roots.  Like many other areas in Illinois, these businesses generally like what we have to offer but time after time we are passed up. 

Job creators look at Illinois and see a General Assembly that is opposed to employers. 

They see a state with financial problems, ethical problems and a lack of political will to seriously address them. 

When your knee-jerk reaction every year is to raise taxes to cover new spending, job creators notice and they are going to continue to pass over us for a better business climate. 

Job creators don’t trust Illinois politicians.  If we are going to move this state forward and provide the best possible opportunities for everyone then that has to change.

I implore this General Assembly to start thinking about job creating initiatives that would allow Illinois to realize its vast potential. 

A robust economy that puts people to work creates far more revenue than a tax increase ever could. 

Raising taxes is not the answer for hard-working Illinois families!