Rep. Wilhour Partners with Dept. of Human Rights to Promote ‘Reporting Hotline’ in the 107th District

State Rep. Blaine Wilhour is partnering with the Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR) in spreading the word about the State of Illinois Sexual Harassment and Discrimination (SHD) Helpline and Website.  As of April 30, 2019, the SHD Helpline had received 284 calls and the SHD Website had received 11,070 unique visits. We are gaining ground but recognize that there is more that can be done to ensure all Illinoisans know about the Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Helpline.       

This program will lead to greater awareness of the resources available to employers in combatting the incidence of sexual harassment, will ensure victims and witnesses of sexual harassment and discrimination can speak up and receive the critical information they need, and will help eliminate sexual harassment and discrimination in Illinois. 

The SHD Helpline was established by the Illinois legislature via Public Acts 100-0554 (November 2017) and 100-0588 (June 2018) to provide a centralized resource for all Illinoisans to obtain information and assistance in reporting sexual harassment and discrimination complaints. The Helpline and Website are administered by the Illinois Department of Human Rights. Calls to the Helpline (877-236-7703) are answered by The Chicago Lighthouse pursuant to a contract with the IDHR.

“This program is an important step forward to raise awareness of Illinois’ commitment to end sexual harassment and discrimination,” said Rep. Blaine Wilhour.