College Seniors Helping Senior Citizens on ‘Senior Skip Day’ May 1st


This week college students at Greenville University will be participating in a “Senior Skip Day” on Wednesday, May 1st to provide service to senior citizens and a celebration for the “longest serving seniors” in the community. This is part of the “Older Americans Month” in May.

According to the WGEL Radio article, you probably think of the traditional day off for high school seniors prior to graduation. But Greenville University seniors are hosting a different kind of Senior Skip Day with local senior citizens.

The project is part of the university’s Experience First program. GU faculty member Danara Moore, director of Experience First, told WGEL the program is a capstone project for senior students. It pairs students alongside businesses, groups, and organizations and is designed to be a “real world, high impact” experience. Groups have worked with local businesses such as Rural King, Vibes by Mal, and Marcoot Jersey Creamery.

This semester, three student groups have been working on a project involving multiple levels of service for local senior citizens. Moore said the students have come up with a concept they hope catches on and spreads statewide and perhaps nationwide.

The first part of Senior Skip Day involves students to go into the community and help seniors with various tasks around the house. The second component is a Senior Skip Day celebration, which will be will be Wednesday, May 1 from 11 AM to 4 PM at the Bond County Senior Center. Students will spend that time with seniors and enjoy live music, singalongs, a magic show, and various games. Moore said the Greenville Chamber of Commerce worked with students to secure many prizes for those in attendance.

To sign up to have students help with a service project, call 917-843-6636.

For the full WGEL Radio article with audio clips from Danara Moore, as she talks more in depth about Senior Skip Day and other aspects of this Experience First Effort, click HERE.