Rep. Wilhour Announces Budget Hearings Scheduled by House Appropriations Committee

State Representative Blaine Wilhour (R-Beecher City), announced today that the House Appropriations – Capital Committee began meeting this week to hear from various State agencies and advocates regarding their requests to be included in a possible capital bill this session. Over the next couple of months, the Committee will be holding several subject matter hearings to learn and understand the current capital needs of our State.

“I am encouraging everyone who has an interest in how your money is being spent by the State of Illinois to get involved with the process and have your voices heard on what you think our priorities should be,” said Rep. Blaine Wilhour. “Your real-life experiences in balancing your own budgets for your family and small business is as valuable in understanding what to prioritize as any wish list of programs that will be proposed and pushed by the people up in Chicago,” Wilhour added.

The Committee will be working off the following tentative schedule:

February 28 – Higher Education

March 7 – Transportation: Roads and Bridges

March 14 – Transportation: Transit, Rail, Ports and Airports

March 21 – Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environment and Green Energy

March 28 – Healthcare and Military Facilitiers

April 4 – State Facilities (may include local entities)

April 11 – State Facilities (may include local entities)

If you are a teacher or school board member, a parent or grandparent, a small business owner or farmer or chamber of commerce member…your input is important! If you would like to testify to advocate on behalf of our community’s needs and requests, please contact my office at 217-994-9348. You may also want to submit written testimony by filing a witness slip on line at

Please remember to connect to Rep. Wilhour at and to follow the actions of the legislature online at �